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Walk Home Safe

Walk Home Safe

As a woman, I should be able to walk home at night without being afraid?

Sarah Everard went missing on 3rd March 2021, her remains were found 9 days later almost 50 miles away from where she went missing. It’s a harrowing thought – she was just walking home.

I wasn’t sure how I felt writing this post. Is it fair to use Sarah’s experience as the basis for a post?

Prior to the pandemic, I used to travel to London for work most weeks. I used to walk from King’s Cross to our Camden and back again (I’m not a big fan of the tube). I’d often be on a late train – which either meant that I’d walk back from Camden in the dark or we’d pull into Peterborough station when it was dark and I would leg it through the car park until I got to the safety of my car. I’d ring my partner as soon as I got off the train and keep him on the phone until I got to my car.

I used to think I was ridiculous, running/speed walking through the car park in high heels. I thought people would think I was crazy. But now, when I think of Sarah – I’m not crazy.

Then I read this post. The Guardian has documented, five women’s experiences of walking alone at night.

Those five women aren’t alone, I can relate to exactly what they are saying. I can relate to that sense of fear and I am sure every woman has had a moment where they have felt afraid of what might happen.

Then I saw this on Instagram and I shuddered. Men feel a sense of power? Men feel a thrill at frightening women?

Then I watched as social media came alive with stories – the experiences of other women and their fears. Women in positions of power – strong, independant and amazing women… they’ve felt that sense of fear.

As women – what are we supposed to do?