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Seeing The Opportunity

Seeing The Opportunity

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you are having up and down moments right now. The COVID-19 pandemic is taking it’s toll. We’re in our third lockdown and while the vaccine is making it’s rounds – we’re still stuck at home, with the same routines, with no end in sight.

The past week has really got to me. My standard M.O. when I am feeling like this is to reach out to the ones I love and make plans with them either via video calls or socially distanced walks. But I’m conscious that right now everyone is feeling a level of melancholy. I don’t want to add to it but I also don’t want to hide my feelings and pretend that I am okay.

That’s not how mental health works for me.. for me to have good mental health, I need to embrace what I am feeling, talk about it and work through it.

If I can’t reach out to my family and friends, then I choose to read. I don’t watch television and I stay off social media. It’s a drain on my soul – it’s human nature to compare and to delve deeper into an abyss of despair. It doesn’t help at all. Well, it doesn’t help me anyway.

Reading for me is the biggest way to get myself out of a rut – it’s helps me to learn and in my own way, I feel productive. I am not one for self help books but I highly recommend:

The Kindness Method by Sharoo Izadi

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Each of these books focus on empowering oneself and taking charge in a ‘kind’ and meaningful way. Focusing to removing negative self-take and using gratitude to support our own growth.

After reading and a bit of self-reflection, I realised that this lockdown and this pandemic has to count for something, at least for me. I have to make the most of the time or the opportunity that I’ve been given to do something worthwhile. So many people have lost loved ones, so many people have died and so many people have suffered – whether it’s a loss of livelihood or loss of purpose. I know it’s relative but does that give me the right to wallow, or should I be seizing the opportunity within this difficult time.

And so, I ask you to watch this space.

More is yet to come, for both you and I.