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What is Artiscado?

Well first let me define the word… Artiscado is a hybrid of artisan avocados.. a name that sprung out of the two things that bring me great joy; artisan products that are beautifully made and responsibly sourced as well as avocados. A produce that I probably eat far too much of but one that actually inspired me. After a trip to New Zealand back in 2017 and realising how farmers in the North Island had adapted and begun to farm avocados to ensure that their legacy and family farms would be maintained.. I developed a ‘dream’ of being an avocado farmer. Metaphorically, perhaps. However, all I know is that I loved the concept of adapting and changing in a way that enabled sustainability and a lifestyle that was wholesome and full of incredible experiences.

After years of living a very materialistic lifestyle, I (Hanifa) began to feel stifled and suffocated by all the ‘stuff’ that I owned and the continuous ‘want’ of my lifestyle. It’s at this point that I began to research the concept of minimalism and sustainability. I started off small and began on a journey that led to a calmness in my life that I was craving so badly. While I don’t proclaim to be anything other than an experiment, Artiscado is the product of that experimentation. I’ve found what works for me and I hope that you’ll be able to find what works for you.

Artiscado is therefore a collection. It’s a collection of ideas, concepts and products that promote kindness, love and happiness.